Health, children and women’s groups come together to sign a Contract Against Cancer at launch of new HPV Vaccination Alliance

The Irish Cancer Society will be joined by the National Women’s Council of Ireland, Children’s Rights Alliance, Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, Union of Students in Ireland and many others to sign a ‘Contract Against Cancer’ at the launch of a new HPV Vaccination Alliance this Wednesday, 9 August.

More than 20 organisations, including leading health, children and women’s groups, will come together to express their alarm at recent reports that uptake of the HPV vaccine has fallen to as low as 50% among teenage girls.

The HPV Vaccination Alliance has been set up ahead of the new school year and encourages everyone to look at the real facts surrounding this life-saving vaccine.



10 thoughts on “Health, children and women’s groups come together to sign a Contract Against Cancer at launch of new HPV Vaccination Alliance

  1. Can you please provide links to all the studies which have been conducted on the HPV vaccine to prove it’s safety and efficacy


    1. Hi Philippa, thanks for your question. Here’s research from the European Medicines
      Agency – and the World Health Organisation –
      Here’s an article from ‘Nature’, the most respected scientific journal in the world: I hope this is helpful to you.


  2. As a health care provider and a parent of a 12 year old girl I am surprised about the manner in which the concerns of parents are being dealt with. I fully understand the benefit of this vaccine. However, I have yet to hear anyone comprehensively discuss the points being raised by people who are not in favour of vaccinating their child. It is being called misinformation among other things and that may be the case but if you really want to alleviate anxiety of parents and increase uptake of this vaccine I think it would be helpful if professionals actually discussed the points being raised rather than being dismissive of them. I also notice that the following information is not included in the leaflet sent home from schools: “As with other vaccines, side effects that have been reported during general use include: swollen glands (neck, armpit, or groin); muscle weakness, abnormal sensations, tingling in the arms, legs and upper body, or confusion (Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis); dizziness, vomiting, joint pain, aching muscles, unusual tiredness or weakness, chills, generally feeling unwell, bleeding or bruising more easily than normal, and skin infection at the injection site”. It would be helpful if this was included in the leaflet for parents. That way they wont feel that information is being witheld. .

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    1. Hi Mary, thanks for your comment,
      We want everyone to get the facts around the HPV vaccine, and, as you suggest, we’ve made the HPV Vaccine PIL available on the #HPVVAXFACTS page on this website. Global health organisations continue to monitor the safety and effectiveness of the HPV vaccine, and in July the World Health Organisation issued its latest Safety Update on HPV Vaccines, which addresses unfounded concerns around reports that the vaccine causes certain side effects.


      1. Thank you for your reply. I have already read a lot of this information. My point is that to date what I have read in Irish newspapers or heard on radio/TV has not legitimately addressed parents concerns. And although the PIL is available on your website a lot of parents will not access this information so I feel it should be included in what is sent home to parents so that they can make an informed choice as they are being sent along side this leaflet a form to sign giving consent to vaccinate their child.


    2. Thank you Mary Kelly for addressing this. It is very worrying to see the treatment of concerned parents about this issue. I hope more Health Care Providers with integrity will come forward in support of parents.


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